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Liver Specialist Halifax - The liver is a body organ that is required in order to perform various functions within the body, consisting of detoxification, protein synthesis, and the production of biochemicals which are vital for digestion. For the body to survive, the liver is needed. Liver dialysis can be used temporarily but there is no way to function without a liver for long term.

The jobs that the liver does, consists of glycogen storage, plasma protein synthesis, red blood cells decomposition, detoxification and hormone production. The liver sits below the diaphragm within the abdominal-pelvic area of the tummy. The liver is responsible for producing bile. This is an alkaline compound which emulsifies lipids to help in digestion. The tissues which make the liver are highly specialized. They regulate a large amount of high volume biochemical reactions, including the breakdown and synthesis of complex and small molecules.


The liver is somewhat unique in that it is capable of natural regeneration. With as little as 25 percent, the liver can make a full regeneration into a whole liver. This is considered to be compensatory growth rather than true regeneration. Thus, the lobes of the liver that are taken out do not grow again, and the liver growth is a restoration of function and not original form. In true regeneration, both the original function and form are restored.

Diseases of the Liver

The liver in fact, supports almost every organ within the body and is very important for survival. Then again, the liver is prone to a lot of sicknesses because of its location in the body and its multidimensional functions that it carries out. Among the most common liver illnesses comprise: alcohol damage, cirrhosis, hepatitis A, B, C, and E, fatty liver, tumours and cancer and damage due to heavy drug use, specially cancer drugs and acetaminophen, likewise known as paracetamol.

A large number of liver sicknesses are accompanied by jaundice. This is due to increased bilirubin levels in the body, resulting from the breakup of the haemoglobin of dead red blood cells. Usually, the liver gets rid of bilirubin from the blood and emits it through bile. Diseases that affect liver function would result in derangement of these processes. Fortunately, the liver has a large reserve capacity and likewise a huge capacity to regenerate. Normally, the liver just exhibits symptoms after extensive damage has happened.

Disease Symptoms

The classic signs of liver damage includes: dark urine when bilirubin mixes together with the urine, and pale stool when there is an absence of brown pigment stercobilin. The pigment also comes from bilirubin metabolites which are processes within the liver. Jaundice is the yellow tinge on the skin or the white of the eyes which happens where bilirubin deposits on the skin. This leads to an intense itching sensation that is the most common complaint by people suffering liver failure.

Excessive fatigue occurs as a result of a generalized loss of minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Swelling in the abdomen, ankles and feet takes place because the liver fails to make albumin. Easy bleeding and bruising are other symptoms. Substances which help to prevent bleeding are produced within the liver, therefore, when liver damage is present, severe bleeding can result as these substances are not available anymore.

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