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Yoga Halifax - It is usually thought that the yoga practice originated in India, although it is not entirely established where or when it started. A 2000 year old work referred to as The Yoga Sutra by Patanjali is the first written mention of the practice. Previous to this, yoga was an oral practice that was passed on from person to person.

Yoga is best known nowadays as a kind of exercise system that concentrates on stretching and strengthening the body via several postures and poses called asanas. Yoga goes way beyond a mere exercise routine. Among the best reasons to take up practicing yoga is the holistic outlook on life it includes since it works the spirit, body and mind. If you are interested in trying new types of exercise, than yoga is a perfect place to start. It offers a nice break from the pool, the weight rooms and the treadmill while not just exercising your physical being but offers a great way to exercise your spiritual well being also.

There are numerous different schools of yoga. Each and every kind has its own distinctive philosophies and practices. No matter what kind you pick, yoga is an extremely diverse practice. It is an excellent combination of fitness and relaxation and individuals of any age could gain several benefits from regular yoga practices and postures or asanas. There is no competitive nature connected with yoga in view of the fact that each and every person takes the pose to their own ability and pace. The asanas can each be adjusted to fit physical limitations and whatever complications.

There are the 5 most common schools of yoga in practice, yet there are hundreds of other distinct paths and schools that exist. For example, Bikram Yoga is base upon a set of teachings and habits of one specific instructor. The most popular 5 yoga schools include: Kundalini, Mantra, Tantra, Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga.

The Hatha Yoga has been existing for numerous years and has become a really popular type of yoga. The focus of Hatha is the numerous techniques for breathing, as well as numerous asansas and meditation aimed at perfecting the mind and body. Another popular kind of yoga is Ashtanga. This type is considerably much faster-paced than the various schools and considered by many as an aerobic type of yoga. Ashtanga Yoga is distinguished by the smooth, quick transitions between poses.

Kundalini Yoga is a school which is focused on channeling and awakening what is called kundalini energy. This particular energy is most easily described as life energy which lies inactive within our bodies. It is often represented by a coiled snake. Mantra Yoga is one more well-known school that is focused on calming the mind and the body by making use of words and sounds. It is common to hear the popular "Om" in this particular school.

The very last of the 5 most popular yoga schools is Tantra Yoga, which has its focus on improving sexual spirituality. Tantra also concentrates on Kundalini energy too but their goal for awakening it is much different compared to individuals who practice Kundalini Yoga on its own.

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The city of Halifax is situated in Halifax Harbour within the Province of Nova Scotia. The area was originally inhabited by the Mi'kmaq peoples who called the harbour, Jipugtug that translates to Great Harbour. In 1749, the very first Europeans settled within the region calling it the Town of Halifax. The town grew slowly before becoming Halifax County in the next decades. In the year 1996, the government amalgamated all the municipal governments in Halifax County.

When discovering the city of Halifax, amongst the best places to go to, include the Dartmouth Heritage Walk. What's more, the South and Eastern Shores of Halifax Harbour are amongst the other places to go when visiting the area. For park lovers, they can visit the Admirals Park, the Atlantic View Trail, where the old rail bridges lead across a large salt marsh and tidal estuary...